Deep Reality Token Sale

Deep Reality VR world is currently under development. However you can always test it for free. Just click a register menu above and after completing a registration form you will receive your new account. You will then be able to test Deep Reality demos and see our development progress. Once we will be ready for closed alpha and then beta releases we will issue newsletters with special announces to all our registered users. Stay tuned and have fun!

For those of you who would like to early become high profile citizens of Deep Reality and take active part in land grab and formation of our Digital Democracy we are planning to hold token sale campaign. You can buy Deep Reality tokens 'Astra Estate' or simply 'Astro' (Currency symbol: Æ, token code: AES) via token sale. Corresponding amount of Astro calculated by the current exchange rate will be credited to your virtual account in Deep Reality. Then you can spend your Astro in Deep Reality VR world to purchase variety of virtual assets - like real estate, raw materials, energy, clothes, weapons, armors, transportation, fuel and other essential resources available in the VR marketplace. First, the most basic and valuable resource you could buy in Deep Reality VR world is the land which then could be sold or rented to businesses or private tenants. The more Astro you buy via token sale the more discount you got and more assets you are able to purchase in Deep Reality VR. Please also note that following development of Deep Reality, Astro will raise in price over the time due to increased demand, so will Deep Reality assets. That is why investing in Astro and Deep Reality assets now may be a smart idea which might bring you substantial profits in future. Above all bying Astro is direct contribution to the project and its valuation which greatly supports development team and volunteer community, and facilitates building of our brave new virtual world. If you would like to know more before purchasing Deep Reality assets please read the Features section of our website to get in-depth vision of future development of Deep Reality and which technologies and ideas it is based upon.

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