Welcome to Deep Reality! It'll Blow Your Mind!

Most recent advantages in VR technology and 3D engines have been employed by our team to recreate reality within our new virtual universe. You will be astonished with the new horizons these new worlds brings to you. Your life will change completely, you will learn to live in multiple dimensions of the new universe. You will get your new identity, new business, new entertainment, new romance and more. Stay tuned, news are coming shortly. Curious? - Register and wait for instructions.

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Real Cash Economy. Almost Unreal!

Deep Reality uses Real Cash Economy which means that all assets in our virtual world cost real money. You can purchase them and sell them making real profit! Sounds cool? Moreover, Deep Reality uses its own cryptocurrency - most innovative, private and secure currency in the world. This currency is officially registered and based on smart contract in the world's largest blockchain network Ethereum. Register your wallet at ethereum.org and buy your first cash which you will use in Deep Reality!

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Creator's Paradise. Endless Opportunities!

You can create your own assets in Deep Reality. Your imagination is the limit. From your own clothes, armor, weapon, transport to your own apartments, houses, landscapes, even the planets!

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About Us Team And Project

At this time we are few core team members with experience in management and development of MMO RCE games. We started our virtual universe journey at the time we played Ultima Online, then became Project Entropia / Entropia Universe and EVE Online hardcore players. Later we worked in a development team of several talented people who created an astonishing post-apocalyptic world known as AfterWorld. That project granted us a great time and great experience and finally gave a start to another successful title with part of our initial team behind it. One very important lesson we learned from AfterWorld is that the main assets that matter are not technology and art but the Team and Community. The great virtual world should be created, funded, managed and maintained by the Community and for the Community. So we are positive that our new Virtual Universe will be built along these principles. From the concept of futuristic virtual reality world which would combine an existing and fantasy galaxies and planet systems a whole idea of a new Virtual Universe of Deep Reality emerged. Although by now it is still an early prototype we believe that it will grow fast and has a great potential.

Deep Reality by design is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Universe being formed and driven by its Community. Developing and maintaining Deep Reality virtual world is a huge task which cannot be executed by a small group of enthusiasts without Community support and proactive participation. That is why Deep Reality is based upon decentralization management principle and employs crowdsourcing and crowdfunding as its core tools.

We strive to make Deep Reality very much resemble the real world of the future with an addition of very cool gameplay. This is very feature rich virtual world and require enormous efforts to develop and maintain. So instead of relying solely on procedural algorythms we employ crowdsourcing and crowdfunding in order to execute such basic 3D development pipeline tasks as 3D level design, 3D model design, 3D character animation, 3D engine programming, UI design and programming, UX and QA testing. We have created dedicated section for developers with forum, developer resources, feature and asset bidding system, and asset marketplace which help to order, create and trade 3D assets.

We wish to make Deep Reality an amazing, interesting and comfortable place to live for most Citizens so we need to elect wise politicians and capable bussinesmen to run our Virtual States. We use Liquid Democracy model based on the blockchain network Ethereum to manage elections, politics, legislation, economics and innovation.

We plan Deep Reality as not only entertaining but also financially attractive environment. So we registered and issued our own cryptocurrency Astro which is based upon a smart contract on the world's most advanced and second largest blockchain network Ethereum. We also planning to introduce the store of value function to Astro in the near future.

All these incredible features would take thousands man hours of artwork, coding, lawmaking and communication amongst Community. So how we will manage all that? Well. Experience, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding are our most powerful tools which will help us to reach all those ambitious objectives.

Experience in MMO gameplay and gamedev gave us deep understanding which tools should be used to create sustainable, scalable and premium quality 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Universe. We choose industry leading UNITY 3D engine as the most innovative, community driven and feature rich technology. Besides great features, constant innovation, ultimate support and vast developers community there is another very important thing we got when we choose UNITY 3D - premium quality, extensively tested, well supported and ready-to-integrate assets from Unity Asset Store. We can literally assemble our whole virtual universe from already tested top quality building blocks like DBMS, FPS, UI, AI, Inventory System, Terrain Generator, Weather System, etc. That is a really huge bonus when we have to ignite our Community by quick prototyping of our concepts. That is exactly the way we will go. After putting together and setting the prototypes of the main features of our virtual universe we will encourage our growing developer community to work further on tuning and polishing a production look following the roadmap defined by the desdoc.

Crowdsourcing will make it all possible. From the very beginning we are open and transparent. We share our Vision - the core concepts and most important values with our Community. Of course, the Community will start forming and growing around our core values and vision, when most members accept and follow them. From that point we will decide alltogether what our Virtual Universe should become. We are new Liquid Democracy. Talent, Skill and Reputation become currencies. We expect all kinds of creative people to join - from hardcore players as testers and idea generators to 3D artists, animators and coders as architects of our new Virtual Universe, Deep Reality. If you are talented 3D artist, animator or coder - come join developer's community forum and start creating virtual assets. If you are wise leader and ready to enter the Cabinet to govern - you are welcome to share your vision. Win digital elections and let Community decide if your ideas gain support. Well, you probably curious about motivation. Right.

Crowdfunding will form our whole new age economy. We announce CrowdSale of our own cryptocurrency Astro which is based upon the world's second largest and most innovative blockchain network Ethereum. CrowdSale is aimed to raise funds sufficient for several years of initial development and management all the way through Alpha and Beta down to Production stage - to provide deserved rewards to all talented and productive members of our developer and managerial Community. That way we could guarantee really competitive compensation and motivation packages to the professionals. We are about to decide on a timeframe of the CrowdSale. All Astro sold during the CrowdSale will then be used by its owners to purchase land and other basic resources in Deep Reality by nominal price set by the Government. After CrowdSale the prices on all Deep Reality assets will be released and expected to grow exponentially, following the Citizen population growth. So early funders will monetize on sale or lease of assets and some of the pioneers should become rich and famous.

These are our basic conceptual guidelines which we would like to share with you. Below you can find some of the most anticipated features of Deep Reality. And as far as we have just started all above mentioned opportunities are wide open for you and your friends. We are kindly inviting all of you, our first comers, supporters and contributors to our Community forum to share your thoughts, questions and comments with us, and to start building our Great Community, our new Virtual Universe, Deep Reality!